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Pulse profiles of J1859-01 and J1931-02

The integrated pulse profiles of J1859-01 and J1931-02: Panel A (upper) shows the profiles of J1859-01. The gray color represents result from  2100s tracking observation of Parkes telescope. The red profile shows result from only 52.4s drift scan of FAST, demonstrating the superior sensitivity of FAST.  Panel A (lower) shows the single pulses from J1859-01. Panel B shows the individual pulses collected from the other new pulsar J1931-02 in a 5-minutes tracking observation of FAST.

Pulses and sounds of J1859-01

Pulses and sounds of J1931-02

The pulses and sounds are all produced from observed signals of J1859-01 and J1931-02, presenting an artistic view of the waves from the spinning neutron stars.